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Walk Like Monsters by Anindita Sengupta
Walk Like Monsters (Paperwall, 2016): Available at https://paperwall.in/
City of Water by Anindita Sengupta
City of Water (Sahitya Akademi, 2010): Please contact anu.sengupta@gmail.com or Sahitya Akademi for copies.

About Walk Like Monsters —

These are late night poems of the body that sing also of catastrophe, how wide it is, how easy, like “being in one place instead of another.” Anindita Sengupta’s new book is hot, harrowing and masterful. It will stay with me for a long time.
~ Jeet Thayil

Anindita Sengupta is a poet of the precise line, the measured image, of mediated passion, the sure ending. Her observation is acute, her politics seldom theatrical and her passage from one world to another and from the object to the spirit smooth and subtle. Her poetry proves that silk can wound and knife can flower.
~ Koyaparambanath Satchidanandan

They rise in this landscape, the ancients — old loves, myths, cities, secret revolutions. Anindita Sengupta’s language is forever old and forever new. Fretful, explosive, terrifying. Her poetry will leave you with beautiful scars.
~ Janice Pariat