City of Water (Sahitya Akademi, 2010) received the Muse India Young Writer Award for 2011.

From the preface by Keki N. Daruwalla:

City of Water is remarkable for its supple language and tensile strength. Her images are sharp and there is integrity about the core of feeling that propels the poem. One cannot spot any weak moments either in terms of emotion or language….Anindita Sengupta never lets a poem run away with her. Like all good poets, she is original both in her way with words and her personal angle of vision.”




5 thoughts on “Books”

  1. most of them are poignant compositions, the endearing journey all through as they leave lasting impact on the readers mind…finally, the time worth spent!

  2. thanks,
    Your poems are lovely, haunting, melancholy sunshine,
    drenched with longing, nostalgia, loss.
    You have inspired, so here it is….

    My beautiful brown leaf glows warm when spread before the sun,
    and behind, the violet mountain below snowpeaks, before the
    winter blue.
    And so too, our brown age veins and creases
    glow with so warm being
    that when finally we alight in earth
    the snows must melt.

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