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Poems online

Hi and welcome! Here are some poems of mine published in journals and available to read online. Please click on the links to read. In most cases, they will take you directly to the poem. The links travel in the direction of old to new and feature poems from my previous books City of Water (2010) and Walk Like Monsters (2016) as well as recent poems.

  1. Arambol and The Ghazal of the Forest in Green Light Dhaba
  2. The City of Water at Unsplendid
  3. The Vivid Stream and Snails in Eclectica
  4. The Patio and Arambol at Cha: An Asian Journal
  5. The Kitchen God’s Mistress at A cappella Zoo
  6. Three poems in Yellow Medicine Review (paid print issue)
  7. Homecoming in
  8. Water Hyacinth and Turn in The Lake
  9. Monsters in One
  10. Entropy and We left Bombay to Start Over at Mascara Literary Review
  11. Lustre and After Love in Flatbush Review
  12. In other houses in Breakwater Review
  13. Arroyo in 580 Split
  14. Agave in Plume Poetry – 21 Indian poets
  15. Travel and Nothingness in High Desert Journal
  16. Coriolis in Barren Magazine
  17. Furred Cows in the San Bernardino Mountains in perhappened
  18. Involuntary Silent in Variant Lit
  19. Three poems in Feral
  20. Candela and Kenopsia in West Trestle Review
  21. Glass, Kelp in Ice Floe Press
  22. Ritual in EKL Review
  23. Unsent text #33 in Feral

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