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norse mythology and coffee

Reading Neil Gaiman’s book on Norse Mythology. Also, Ada Limon.  Seriously get hold of her books.

It’s been hard to function over the last few days because of Asifa and the other terrible things happening in India but I did struggle out and go for Brendan Constantine‘s workshop at the Camera Obscura in LA. Firstly, Brendan is a force. Secondly, that venue. He does these every now and then so if you’re in LA, go for it.

Did I mention I was in Plume Poetry’s featured selection of 21 contemporary Indian poets? Guess not because I’ve been mia. But I was and super chuffed about it because it has some of my favorite poets and here is the link:





On my bedside table

Pictograph by Melissa Kwasny and I can’t let go of it. Sometimes I carry it in my bag wherever I go, just in case I suddenly need it. You can get it here: Pictograph | Milkweed Editions.

UPDATE: I just realized how similar the book cover is to Walk Like Monsters which I swear is a coincidence because I had not seen this when I chose the picture for WLM.

New poems

A new poem ‘in other houses’ appeared in Breakwater Review.

Another new poem ‘Travel and Nothingness’ is in High Desert Journal. 

I’ve fallen behind on these updates as usual. This is partly because of Facebook and Instagram and partly because I’ve felt my identity splintering lately.

Update: ‘splintering’ not entirely in an unwelcome way.

Origins Journal

Two poems of mine — Glass Hammer and Heart Scarab — are in the Witness issue of Origins Journal.  The digital download is available for purchase here.

Mother Tongue – The Bangalore Review

Very pleased that my poem Mother Tongue is now up at The Bangalore Review

The poem appears in my new book Walk Like Monsters.


Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine

A poem of mine, ‘Shakti’ which is also in City of Water, is in a new anthology published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina which is a library and cultural center in Alexandria, Egypt.

Anat, Ereshkigal, Artemis, Juno, Venus, Bast, Seshat, Brigid, Arduinna, Freyja, Hel, Yemaya, Mawu, Pele, Ix Chel, Kuan Yin, Tara, Sarasvati, Kali. Goddesses were, and still are, widely worshipped. Not just in far off places, but close by, right here. People today sing to these Goddesses, pray to them, dance for them, make offerings – and write for them. The poetry and prose and art collected here celebrates Goddesses from all over the world. Like the Goddesses they honor, these tales and poems and works of art vary from the humorous to the horrific, from the deeply personal to the deeply transcendent, and everything in between. Some Goddesses will be familiar, others strange, still others completely new. It is our hope that you will find these words and works of art not just entertaining, but also inspiring: sing, pray, dance, set up an altar – pick up your pen. The Goddesses are here.

Garland of the Goddess: Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine


The Lake

Two poems — Water Hyacinth and Turn — went up at The Lake in August.

A poem in One

Issue 8 of One is out and a poem of mine ‘Monsters’ is in it. You can read it here: One –

It’s been a quiet, frustrating week in other ways. I’ve been distracted and trying to read and trying to write, and instead obsessing about limbo status, un-settlements, entertaining a four-year-old who’s got used to pre-school, and curiously, how much I dislike holi pictures. So this was welcome.

I’ve also finally edited the Death Valley pictures and put them up here.